Backup Services for Office 365

Get business-critical backup for Microsoft Office 365. Protect your business from data loss, get secure and fast data recovery for all Microsoft apps.

Backup Services for Office 365

Get business-critical backup for Microsoft Office 365. Protect your business from data loss, get secure and fast data recovery for all Microsoft apps.

Backup Services

Easy data recovery for compliance

Backup Microsoft Office 365 data

Reduce risk of data loss with scalable backup services


Office 365 Backup Services

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Office 356 Backups - R38/month


  • SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange Online & Microsoft Teams data backup
  • Billed per user


Why Your Business Needs Office 365 Backup Services

Protect Files & Information

Secure your documents, files and sites on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Backup up and archive important information.

Backup as a Service for Office 365

Use reliable and secure cloud backup services for Office 365 data. Get expert cloud data protection with Veeam and GlobalHost.

Restore lost data fast

Get fast data recovery for Office 365 apps. Restore Microsoft data easily from secure backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud backup?

A cloud backup is a copy of data (including files, apps, virtual machines and/or servers). This copy is safely stored on a remote network, that you can access through the internet.

‘Cloud’ refers to a network of connected computer resources.

What is the difference between cloud backups and cloud storage?

Cloud backup services automatically backup your data, apps, virtual machines and servers to a network. Cloud backups also help you recover entire systems in the event of data loss.

Some backup software, like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, can also back up your operating system.

Cloud storage is an easy way to share files online. These files are accessed by people with granted permission.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive are examples of cloud storage.

How secure are cloud backup services?

With cloud backup software, data and information is encrypted & safely stored in a separate centre, like GlobalHost’s Tier 3 data centre.

Securing your data with cloud backup services means only you have access to it. Your backed up data is also protected from ransomware threats.

These features are also available with cloud backup software like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

What are the advantages of using cloud backup services?

Experts agree that businesses & individuals should follow the 3-2-1 backup rule: store 3 copies of data across 2 types of media, with one backup stored offsite or in the cloud.

 Some advantages of cloud backup services for businesses include:

 Upgrade to cloud-based backup & storage solutions

Secure & backup data and servers in a secondary location

Secure data from ransomware threats and attacks

Ensure fast and easy recovery of data with a disaster recovery plan

Ensure fast and easy archiving of data for compliance

Why does my business need cloud backup services?

Cloud backup services are stored offsite, in the cloud or in a separate facility. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to store data.

 It also secures your data and protects it from hardware/software failure, human error, natural disasters & cyberattacks.

Local data backups can be destroyed & have a high risk of being compromised.

How does cloud backup service pricing generally work?

Cloud backup services include software and/or hardware solutions. There are 2 approaches to cloud backup pricing:

  1. Fixed rate: based on service plans with a fixed rate & services. You can choose a cloud backup service plan that’s right for your business needs.
  2. Per-use: based on gigabytes (GB). These are allocated by range (20-50GB, 50-100GB, etc). You can choose a per-use plan that’s right for your business needs.

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